On Saturday, October, 10th, 2009, several members and their families of Our Lady Mount Carmel Society of Enfield, CT watched as the Italian flag was raised at the state capitol in Hartford, CT.  It was an honor to be chosen as the Italian organization to represent our heritage on this Columbus Day weekend.

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The following is the inspirational address spoken by Fr. Anthony Bruno, Chaplain of Our Lady Mount Carmel Society, Enfield, CT :

"Lord God, we thank you for the opportunity to be present here today as members of the Mt. Carmel Society, proudly representing the thousands of Italian-American citizens of this great state of Connecticut.

We are Americans, citizens of the greatest country in the world.  One reason for its greatness is because of the contributions that our ancestors, and we also, have made to it and continue to make to it.

America was discovered by Christopher Columbus, who we remember in a special way this weekend, and it was named after another Italian, Amerigo Vespucci.  Our Italian ancestors and we, their Italian-American descendents, have enriched our wonderful country in the fields of government, science, music, literature, art, academia, medicine, science law, business, sports, the military etc.  There is no part of this great nation that is not represented by notable persons of Italian ancestry.

The American and Italian flags, both flying high this day, are visible reminders of our love to two nations.  We are Americans - first and always.

Our hearts are stirred and our emotions surface when we proudly stand for the playing of our Star Spangled Banner.  May our great nation always be the home of the brave and the land of the free.  As one folk song says: this land is your land, this land is my land.

And we thank God that our ancestors courageously ventured from their country of origin, working and sacrificing in this land of opportunity.  We are beneficiaries of their efforts.  May we never forget our ancestral roots as we help Americans continue to grow and prosper using gifts and talents.

Our fervent prayer is always:  God bless America. "

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